China is too big for everyone

We stayed in the Luminous Hot Spring Resort and Spa Hotel in Taitung last night. As far as I know, 95% tourists stayed in this hotel are from main China. (It means all are Chinese except 35 of us.)

Buffet breakfast is available at 7 am. I thought people would be taking breakfast in different times. I realized that was wrong when I saw all Chinese came down for breakfast at 7. Within a few minutes, all foods were gone. Singaporeans are known as fast mover. But not really compare to Chinese from main China. It was the first time I encountered that too many people were having breakfast at the same time. In short, I could not get what I want to take.(feeling unhappy? Not really. I just realized that Chinese are too many)

In fact, China is too big to Singapore, Taiwan and even to USA. Let alone Myanmar.
I just worry nothing left for us if they come in, just like buffet breakfast this morning!
It is China something need to handle with care. Not because of other reasons, just simply because it is too big to everyone.


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