My lecture note - Dependent Origination (Paticcasamuppada)

Avijja= Ignorance of the Four Noble Truths. Ignorance of the past, future and both past and future. (Dependent Origination)

Sankhara= conditioning activities or mental formations. Immoral, moral and unshakable volitions. All moral and immoral thoughts, words and deeds are included in Sankhara.
Wisdom is predominant in supramundane state and volition is predominant in mundane state.
Ignorance is predominant in immoral activities and is latent in moral activities.

Vinnana= Re-linking or rebirth consciousness, 19 in number. All 32 resultant consciousness are also implies by the tern, Vinnana. Re-linking consciousness+sperm, ovum cells of parents.

Nama, Rupa= Mind and matter or corporeal organism. It can be mind alone, matter alone or both mind and matter.
Nama here means the aggregate of feeling, perception and mental states.
Rupa means body, sex and seat of consciousness.
Sex is determined by past kamma.

Salayatana= six senses bases, gradually evolve from these psycho-physical phenomena.

Phassa= contact between senses and respective objects. At the same time, respective consciousness.

Vedana=Feeling or sensation, pleasurable un-pleasurable and neutral feelings.

Tanha= Craving, for sensual pleasure, for existence and non-existance.

Upadana=Grasping for sensuality, False views, Adherence to rites and ceremonies, the theory of a soul.

Bhava= becoming. Kamma bhava, an active process of becoming and Upapattibhava, the passive process of becoming. Both are kammic activities.

Jati, jara, marana etc. Birth, Aging, Death etc.

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