Whole Night Chanting at Mangala Vihara Buddhist Temple

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Whole Night Chanting at Mangala Vihara Buddhist Temple
Mangala Vihara celebrated its 55th Anniversary yesterday. Thirty monks from different temples were invited for Lunch Dana. As usual, All merits accumulated on temple 55th Anniversary Day were especially dedicated to the founder of Mangala Vihara, M.M. Mahaweera Mahathera and founding members of Mangala Vihara. Their gratitude was expressed with talks by Bhante Cittara of Mangala Vihara and Bhante Nyanasiha of Samadhi Buddhist Society.
Whole Night Chanting was held and members of Sangha opened chanting by reciting three Parittas (Protective verses). Then the well-trained lay devotees took turns one group after another. Many devotees stayed overnight to listen to the chanting. The celebration was ended with the group chanting of resident monks together with senior members of MV this morning.
Mangala Vihara means the blessing temple. Last night the temple was blessed by its members and devotees by celebrating Whole Night Chanting. As always, Mangala Vihara Buddhist Temple will bless devotees who come to its premises.


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